Skrill Prepaid Mastercard (Ireland)

Account is free as long as you login or make a transaction at least every 12 months, otherwise a EUR 1.00 monthly service fee is charged. Varying reload fees for different reload methods. Can send cash to others using the card including converting to different currencies though currency conversion fees apply.

Card type: Reloadable
Brand: Mastercard
Link to card site: Click to open card site in new tab
Can card be personalized: Yes
Credit report inquiry required:
How to get this card: Appply online
Card issued by: Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd
Does card require address:
Card fee: 10*
Minimum load: 0*
Maximum load: 0*
Maximum balance: 0*
Reload fee: 0.00*
ATM withdrawl fee: 1.80*
Monthly fee: 0.00*

*All amounts are in Euro

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard (Ireland) Rank Comparison

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Card Rank: 19.04

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard (Ireland) Cost Comparison:

The charts below show all cards fees in descending order from highest to lowest. Skrill Prepaid Mastercard (Ireland) fees are highlighted in red.

Purchase fee: 10.00
Minimum load: 0
Maximum load: 0
Maximum balance: 0
Reload fee: 0.00
ATM withdrawl fee: 1.80
Monthly fee: 0.00

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