About Global Prepaid Credit Card Site

The Global Prepaid Credit Card site lists prepaid and secured credit cards from around the world and provides the important details for each card including a link to the card's website.

Each prepaid credit card is assigned a viewing rank that indicates site visitor interest in the card. This rank is updated each day to reflect new interest.

Information provided here includes:

  • Find out where to get prepaid credit cards.
  • Learn about the many possible prepaid credit card fees.
  • Learn about each card's minimum and maximum loading amounts and balances.
  • Direct link to each card's website.
  • View comments about cards made by other site visitors.
  • Leave comments (must login or register first) about cards.

We hope you enjoy learning about prepaid credit cards around the world!

Prepaid credit cards are awesome for travelling in another country.

Next time you travel to another country get yourself a local prepaid credit card. Pay in local currency. You can learn about cards that suit your needs on your site.