Canada Post Joy

Card type: Reloadable
Brand: Visa
Link to card site: Click to open card site in new tab
Can card be personalized: Yes
Credit report inquiry required: None
How to get this card: Canada Post locations
Card issued by: Citizens Bank of Canada
Does card require address: None
Card fee: 15*
Minimum load: 2*
Maximum load: 500*
Maximum balance: 10,000*
Reload fee: 3.00*
ATM withdrawl fee: 2.00*
Monthly fee: 3.00*

*All amounts are in Canadian Dollar

Canada Post Joy Rank Comparison

Canada Post Joy ranking is highlighted in red.

Card Rank: 3.20

Canada Post Joy Cost Comparison:

The charts below show all cards fees in descending order from highest to lowest. Canada Post Joy fees are highlighted in red.

Purchase fee: 15.00
Minimum load: 2
Maximum load: 500
Maximum balance: 10,000
Reload fee: 3.00
ATM withdrawl fee: 2.00
Monthly fee: 3.00